What's Next?

After producing hundreds of events we have developed a system that keeps everyone on track and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.  Your next step is to schedule your 30 MIN EVENT EVALUATION

Once you schedule your event, we will put together a production schedule.   Be sure to check your email for updates, additional questions and meeting reminders.

  • Team

    To create an outstanding event it takes an outstanding team. We will be emailing you for details on the team you already have in place and help you fill any open positions.

  • Presenters

    We save you time & money because we have worked with hundreds of speakers and have many of their promo packets already on hand. If we don't have it we will follow up with the presenter to get it.

  • Call To Action

    What do you want your attendees to do as a result of this event? Buy a course?  Sign up to be a member? Buy a product?  Sign up to be a volunteer?  Not sure?  Don't worry, we CAN help!

  • Venue

    Meeting in person?  Doing on online presentation?Both? We will get all the details and distribute them to make it easy to attend your event.

  • Agenda

    Not sure what to include in your meeting? We'll have several agenda templates to choose from. Use the entire template, pick and choose the segments you like, or create your own.

Got Questions? Need Help?

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