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Online Virtual Events have been run by some of the TOP companies, influencers and brands to stay connected to their members, clients and fans.¬† The difference?¬† They weren’t trying to go it alone and now neither are you.¬† ASAP Solutions Pro will put 25+ years of live & virtual event experience to work to produce a “caviar experience on a grilled-cheese budget” for your next event.




There is a big difference between a live audience and captive webinar attendees.  It's not enough to just captivate them anymore, you must engage your audience.  We produce live, interactive events that engage your audience and create raving fans!

Build Your Network

Give your audience something to talk about.  This isn't your average livestream.  ASAP Solutions Pro provides an interactive experience that keeps them coming back... and paying for more.  We utilize music, movement, and innovation to get your audience involved and wanting more of what you're already doing.  Get leads and grow your audience by maximizing the things you are already doing ... with a flare.

Generate More Income

Running an event, even an online event, has it's costs.  Off-set your costs with advertising and sponsorship opportunities for every event.  Built-in spots for pre-recorded sponsor commercials, advertising space on landing pages and/or registration, and even product placement options get your vendors excited to be a part of your event; and the best part is we manage it all for you.  

Not only will you generate more income by growing your audience but we help you to provide opportunities for vendors and sponsors, find "hidden income" by providing you drastically discounted pricing on the services and products you need, and connecting you to a network of other experts who would love to promote your programs and have you promote theirs.

We negotiate for us all and use our numbers to get you benefits and access that is normally reserved for bigger players.  Get treated like a big player by leading vendors like Zoom, Kartra, Office Depot, Home Depot, Gravity Forms, and many more only through ASAP Solutions Pro.

We Handle the Heavy Lifting

Ever host or think about hosting a virtual event only to realize how confusing and time consuming it is?  Those days are over.  We give you everything you need to broadcast with ease and take your virtual events to the next level.

Zoom Upgrade (Included)

Don't have a Zoom license? Use ours. Already purchased a Zoom Pro Account?  No, worries.  Get upgraded to our Business Zoom License by purchasing an event production package and joining our network.  The best part is we can pro-rate and apply any balance you have on your current account.  Don't miss added bonuses like your own virtual office, event transcripts, your own branded url and more.

No Lengthy Set-Up Needed

We learned it so you don't have to and we make your process faster, easier and better than ever before.¬† Just click the "Tell Us About Your Event" button to get started, attend your Onboarding session, and then it's LIGHTS,   CAMERA,   ON-AIR,


Happy, Raving fans

Not Bored Attendees that dread your events.


Is A

Virtual Producer

Right For You?

A producer enhances the event experience for you, your attendees, your sponsors and your presenters by managing your project and providing a full view of your event to give you the time to focus on the other important aspects of your meeting.



For You If ...



For You If ...

Here's What

You Will Get

We build deeper connections with your customers and give your business a higher profile producing interactive, virtual visits that build trust and develops genuine, long-term relationships immediately and face-to-face by managing the multiple moving pieces of an event while utilizing our varied experience in promotional products, marketing and event management to proactively address all aspects of an event.

We develop a stellar experience that is the perfect balance of automation and face-to-face connection.  Whether it's a virtual office to meet clients one-on-one, individual or group coaching, or a full-on stadium size event, we can facilitate 1 to 1,000 participants and unlimited viewers.

We give you the systems and tools to seamlessly pivot from virtual to hybrid to in-person events faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

Creating engaging digital experiences has never been more important.  Get a proven ROI from a landing page proven to convert with a page designed specifically to get your visitors to register AND attend your event.  Easy to promote, via link or embed.

There are a lot of moving pieces to any event.  We oversee all production logistics, including tech rehearsals and broadcast execution.  Whether it's networking in breakout rooms, muting and unmuting participants, troubleshooting video and audio playback or briefing panelists and presenters; we've got you covered.

We develop a stellar experience that is the perfect balance of automation and face-to-face connection.  Whether it's a virtual office to meet clients one-on-one, individual or group coaching, or a full-on stadium size event, we can facilitate 1 to 1,000 participants and unlimited viewers.

We help you determine, document and execute the flow of your event from event conception to event playback.  We are a proactive partner who not only manages all the late changes to show content but proactively problem solve any challenges that arrive to deliver a brand-enhancing experience!

Why are you holding your event?  Do you want to sell a program or product?  Sign up new members?  Distribute information? Whatever your outcome we make it easy for you to get your ROI.

A virtual producer enhances your event experience for you, your attendees, your sponsors and your presenters by managing the event from booking to green room to event replay and everything in between.  Before during, and after the event your producer makes all the pieces fit to provide an outstanding event that makes you shine.

We know you're busy, so we made it easy to market your event.  We will share a Google calendar that will email you weekly digests and daily reminders with when and what to post where giving you the choice to do-it-yourself (diy), have us do-it-for-you (dfy), or a combination done-with-you (dwy).

We curate a soundtrack to your event that your guests will remember long after the event has ended.

Your Event Help Desk includes a Ticket System and Knowledge Base Management System so we can help your customers at multiple levels.  A Live Agent Chat System is also available so we can provide immediate support, troubleshooting or just be there immediately when your customers reach out for help.

Are you tired of chasing down speaker bios, photos or event summaries?  We will collect all speaker materials, coordinate technical and presentation needs, and be sure the speaker has everything they need to provide an outstanding event for your organization.

Transcripts allow your participants to focus on participating; not notetaking.  You get a full written time stamped transcript of every event.  We provide optimized versions to accompany audio or video on Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube.  Use your transcripts for podcasts, blogs, newsletters, channels and more.

We edit the recordings to provide a full length version of your event, and 4 "nugget" videos or Q&A clips to use for future promotions.  We include show notes, photo gallery and call to action with every replay page within 48-72 hours of the conclusion of every event.

We track it! Who attended the event, what device did they use, how long they stayed, when they left, and even their participation.  We arm you with the information you need to get from where you are to where you want to be in your business and event production.

We Learned It So

You Don't Have To

There's a lot of moving parts to an event but we simplified it and handle the details for you.

Book Your Event

Tell us about your event and schedule a time to get together.

Connect the Dots

We will get together for 15-30 minutes via Zoom to connect the dots and fill in any gaps.

Attend the Event

We will direct the event so you can do what you do best.

Here's What

You Can Expect

Nobody wants to do an event last minute.

For the best experience and biggest impact, we suggest beginning your event production a minimum of 45 days prior to your event.   We know things happen and we can adjust to other time frames however, lead times of less than 20 days prior to an event may incur a RUSH charge.  To get production in progress you just have to tell us a little bit about your event.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EVENTGet Your Event on the Calendar (20-45 days prior to the event).

Pre-Production Strategy Meeting

One of the most important keys to an event is communication.  Now that you've told us about your event, we will review your event details, meet to go over any gaps or questions and see if we're a fit.  This first meeting typically takes 15-30 minutes.  Once you've done an event with us, we still require a pre-production strategy meeting, but they take about half the time.

To make the best use of our time, be sure to bring agendas, speaker information, calls to action or offer, slides, or anything pertaining to the event so that we can accurately determine action items and timelines.

BOOK YOUR MEETING TIMEBook Your Pre-Production Strategy Meeting (18-43 days prior to the event).

No more chasing down info... we handle it for you.

This is the time we spend filling in the gaps and gathering whatever information was missing.  From speaker bios & photos, event write ups, agendas, research, vendor spotlights or other pertinent pieces, we make sure you look professional.  We will gather all the needed info for you. 

Once all information is gathered then we will create the event collateral and submit it to you for approval prior to posting.  During this time it is imperative that we communicate to get questions answered and decisions made in a timely manner.

CHOOSE YOUR DASHBOARDFilling in the Gaps & Collateral Creation (16-34 days prior to the event).

Marketing Starts Here

Our world is changing so fast that laying out marketing content a month or more ahead of time no longer keeps you relevant (did it really ever?). You will have a marketing calendar showing what to post throughout the month.  Content is updated on a weekly basis so that you stay relevant and up-to-date without the hours you used to spend coming up with content.  BONUS... You'll  get weekly digests and reminders straight to your Inbox on the days you're scheduled to post.

SYNC TO YOUR CHOSEN CALENDAREvent Landing Page Posted Publicly (15-30 days prior to the event).

Go Team!

This is where we get the entire team together for 15-30 minutes to go over agenda, staging, technology and event details one more time before the big day and make sure everyone knows where to be, what to do, and when to do it.

Book Your Production MeetingProduction Meeting (2 days prior to the event).

Lights, Camera, ON AIR

Your Virtual Producer will open the virtual conference room 60 minutes prior to the event start time to allow for any last minute tech checks or other setup needs.  The production team should plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to the event start time and doors will open to the public 15 minutes prior to the event start time.  


Event Replay & After Reports

We ensure that all of the content you worked so hard to compile doesn't vanish as soon as the event ends.  We edit the recordings to provide a full length version of your event, 4 "nugget" videos or Q&A clips to use for future promotions.  We include transcripts, photo gallery and call to action with every replay page within 48-72 hours of the conclusion of every event.

CLICK HERE TO Access After the Event (2-3 days post event)




pro · do · sr

  1. A virtual producer enhances the event experience for you, your attendees, your sponsors and your presenters by managing all aspects of the event.

We enhance your event more than most with our experience and outside-the-box thinking. Our skillset derived from 20 plus years in various industries, including entertainment, trucking logistics, print/digital advertising, food service, human resources, family services, promotional products and real estate, among others, has added to an already overflowing toolbox. We utilize tools in the live and online event space, print and digital marketing, promotional products, mindset, fundraising, trade shows,  speaker/talent booking and more to provide you an outstanding event and not an outstanding bill.

We evaluate every event from all angles to get you the most juice for your squeeze and create happy, raving fans that return to your events over and over.




We’re in uncertain times and things change every month.¬†We made it easy for you to buy on your budget.¬†



up front

Up to 2 online events

(Event must occur in the next 12 months).



up front

Up to 5 online events

(Event must occur in the next 12 months).



up front

Up to 10 online events

(Event must occur in the next 12 months).


Still have questions?  Here are some of our most common ones. 

YES!  We will take a look at your current collateral, your ideas and ask lots of questions to get a handle on your tone and voice.  Of course, the longer we work together, more we communicate and our team gets to know you and your vision the better the copywriting will be.

Absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend it since we keep such a limited client base. 

This does not apply to events that are booked and¬†actively in progress.¬† We define “actively in progress” as any reciprocal communication in the previous¬†1-60 days.¬†¬†

In other words, if we don’t hear from you for any continuous 60 day period during the 12 months after you purchase your events, you lose your allocated time slots.¬† You may reclaim your time slots (as available) for up to 12 months.¬† After 12 months, you may no longer reclaim your time slots.¬†¬†

Absolutely!¬† Just click on Tell Us About Your Event, and enter Start Day/Time of the first day, and the end day/time of the last day.¬† That will let us know it’s multiple days and we will take it from there.

Be aware that an “event” is considered a¬†continuous time period from 15 minutes up to 4 hours (not including set-up and teardown).

You have a Saturday workshop coming up that you want produced.  The workshop starts at 9am and ends at 4pm with an hour for lunch for a total of 7 hours start to finish.  That would be considered 2 events.

You have a 3-day seminar.  Day 1 Р1pm -5pm (4hrs), Day 2- 9am Р4pm (7 hours), Day 3- 9 am -1pm (4hrs).  That would be considered 4 events.

There is a point where good is good enough.¬† Often we get caught up in the planning, and buying equipment rather than getting things DONE.¬† At ASAP Solutions, we help you keep it simple.¬† We’ve adopted a Macgyver method of event production, we’re about using as much of what you already have as we can; not breaking the bank buying new equipment.

In addition, we have produced hundreds of events and have been where you are, which enabled us to develop a combination of platforms that systematizes the process to save us all time, money and assets.

Lastly, we’re not one of those agencies constantly building a list and signing up every client we encounter.¬† Instead, we have a very limited client list¬†(only 15)¬†so that you get the focus you deserve.¬† This allows us to keep overhead¬†low and take advantage of the ripple effect of savings.

Virtual exhibitors use online tools to upload relevant and tailored content to appeal to the audiences. Virtual exhibits may be made to look like an exhibitors’ real-world booth in any in-person trade fair where they may be exhibiting. … Virtual tradeshows typically cost much less than traditional trade shows.

Interested in doing a virtual trade show?  

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